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‘Bogg’ling the mind: Twinsaver Tips


The things you didn’t know about toilet paper… Sitting on the toilet usually offers a brief respite from a busy dayand, while contemplating one’s toes or the latest glossy magazine, the average toilet-goer will grab a fistful of loo roll without giving ita second thought. So what would the world be like without toilet paperand how does it feature in people’s lives on a daily basis? Astoundingly, it is estimated that between seventy and seventy fivepercent of the world’s population doesn’t actually use toilet paper –often because they simply can’t afford it or because there are notenough trees in some areas to manufacture it, nowadays however, it ispossible to produce toilet paper out of recycled fibre, which will help this particular issue. Toilet paper has purportedly been around in Western society since1879, originally in extremely rudimentary (and most probably highly …

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