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Bollywood: Acting Workshop

sandeep kulkarni

Join Sandeep Kulkarni, Bollywood actor for an acting workshop. Encouraging self-discipline and creativity, which develops self confidence in actors. The workshop designed to allow for individual development and enjoyment with the class, either in preparation for professional training or for the pure joy of acting.

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Wellbeing Experience

Ayurvedic workshop on health by Shared History, The Indian Experience, 3 - 24 September 2011, in South Africa

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Cuisine from Bengal

Cuisine from Bengal a gourmet journey of Shared History, The Indian Experience, 3 - 24 September 2011, in South Africa

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Rhythm Divine

Rhythm Divine believes dance is a system of ideas and together with music can enrich the moral, the material and the intellectual. Astad walks the perimeter with Manipuri Pung Cholam drummers to create a universe of dance. In Rhythm Divine, Astad plays with “a seamless blend of the avant-garde with traditional movement”. The soulful sound of an operatic soprano intones profound feeling reflected in Astad’s body. Throughout the first two segments, a dedicatory quality is pervasive, offering everything to a higher realm; qualities of reverence and spirituality that are part of the Pung Cholam tradition of Manipur, North-Eastern India. The segments flow with a perceptive choreographic logic from the slow and devotional to staccato beats and martial movements. The overall feel of the work is ritualistic and meditative. Astad Deboo’s dance journey over the past four decades is remarkable for …

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Words on Water

Words on Water, a literary feast from Shared History, The Indian Experience, 3 - 24 September 2011, in South Africa

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Dance Like a Man

The Performance The story of Jairaj and Ratna, two Bharatnatyam dancers past their prime, is contrasted with that of their daughter Lata, who is on the brink of establishing herself as a brilliant dancer. Her imminent success creates tension and jealousy, and the audience is drawn into the dark secrets of family relationships and conflicts between generations. The play probes the surface of the characters to question their deeper motivations, but the mode is comic rather than tragic, even though the concerns are serious, and you are never sure whether to laugh or cry. About the Director Acclaimed theatre director Lillete Dubey is also a stage, television and film actor. Her theatre company- The Primetime Theatre Company, Mumbai was set up in 1991 with the primary purpose of promoting and providing a platform for some of the country’s most talented …

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Rajasthan Josh Review

The inaugural proceedings at the 5th Shared History Festival, The Indian Experience kicked off to a resounding success as the Gauteng art, performance and theatre lovers converged to the Johannesburg Civic Theatre for the Indian Experience produced by Teamwork Productions.

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