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@ZaynMalik’s #CurryScentedBitch #DesiShutDown

curry scented bitch

Azealia Banks Called Zayn A “Curry Scented Bitch” And Twitter’s Desi Women SHUT. IT. DOWN The rapper said the British singer had copied some of her ideas and that his new video for Like I Would looked like the one she made for her track Yung Rapunxel. You decide if she was right about the copycat act “I’m not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie,” she wrote under a series of screengrabs from two videos. Zayn didn’t directly respond to Azealia but tweeted “no lies… I see you reaching but I don’t care”. He followed that by writing “my @s too good for you”. Those comments led to a racist and homophobic rant from Azealia Banks. We can’t show you exactly what she wrote but it included: “@zaynmalik dude, I make better music than you. Simmer down with …

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