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Jolly Grubber: Pay To Use Our Toilets

Jolly Grubber Toilet charge

Would you pay R20 to use toilet facilities? Well that’s exactly what it will cost you at Jolly Grubber eatery on Durban’s North Beach. Durbanite, Reeza Khan was flabbergasted when he was told to pay for the use of their toilet facilities for him and wife. Khan took to social media to share his rant about the cost and was even issued a receipt specifying use of toilets. “In my whole entire existence on this earth.. this is the most expensive p*** I’ve ever taken… R20 each to use the rest rooms. That’s ridiculous… oh wowwww and to top it off‚ we even received a slip for the facilities used #daylightrobberybutatnight‚” he said. Khan’s post has since gone viral with some agreeing on the charge while other’s did not. Jolly Grubber has a notice posted at the entrance stating that …

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