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Doyen of Andhra culture, Dr T.P Naidoo passes away

T P Naidoo dies

The South African Indian community says goodbye to Dr T.P Naidoo. The 79-year-old, had been battling cancer since 2008 passed away peacefully earlier yesterday. A cultural icon and one of the most outstanding commentators on Andhra heritage and culture. For more than five decades Dr T,P Naidoo had been steadfastly involved in the promotion and propagation of the Indian performing arts through song, music and dance on stage.

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Sureshnie Rider builds a library

Sureshnie Rider

Sureshnie Rider, the recipient of the MTN Yello Rose award donated her gift of one hundred thousand rands to an organisation to build a public media and library centre. Her reason behind this tremendous act of compassion was to create a legacy for her family especially her beautiful daughter, Pavani.

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