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Alauddin Khilji a tale of savagery

The protests and violence around the making, anticipated release and final release of the film Padmaavat have shamed the democratic ethos of our society. The organisations behind these acts are primarily Karni Sena, Hindu right wing types telling us that Rajput honour has been undermined in the film, and so the protests. The main grudge of the protesters had been that there may be a probable dream sequence between a Muslim, villain type Alauddin Khilji and the Rajput princess Padmavati. While there have been protests mainly on the grounds that the history of Rajputs has been distorted in the film, the fact of total distortion of the persona of Khilji has been totally missed out in the social discourse. The film toes the line which is in conformity with the prevalent stereotypes of ‘noble Hindu kings’ versus ‘evil Muslim kings’. On one …

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