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Ravi Govender set to return to Lotus FM

It seems that Ravi Govender’s return is imminent to Lotus FM; Indian Spice has learnt that Govender was close to signing a new contract last week with the station. However, the move has been blocked by the recent incident of alleged hate-speech by Pauline Rosanna Sangham, the broadcaster and management of Lotus FM have cited that the incident has impacted their decision in taking Govender back.  Govender has proven to be a positive influence on the listenership while at the station and the support for him after his termination has also been noted.  The veteran jock’s return to the station will only entrench the confidence in listeners in the Lotus FM management and will aid in bringing back lost listenership.  Sangham vs Govender If one compares the two scenarios of what has transpired with each radio jock, Sangham’s incident is …

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