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Shell to blast the Wild Coast during Whale Migration Season 😑🐳

Hole in the Wall, wild coast, transkei

At a time when world leaders are making promises and decisions to step away from fossil fuels because climate science has shown we cannot burn our existing reserves (let alone drill for more), offshore oil and gas Operation Phakisa is pushing ever harder to get its hands on a local supply of gas. Shell must answer for how the harms done during this survey and any exploration drilling done hereafter are part of its energy transition plan to control global warming. (reprinted from Oceans Not Oil – november, 2021 Below you will see the notice that was placed today( 2 Nov 2021). Project Reference: 720.19161.00001 File Ref. Shell Transkei Survey Notification Letter 29Oct21 29 October 2021 Dear Sir/Madam, SHELL EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION SOUTH AFRICA – NOTIFICATION OF THE COMMENCEMENT OF A 3D SEISMIC SURVEY IN THE TRANSKEI EXPLORATION AREA OFF …

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