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Diwali is here ! 🔥💥 Light, Sadhguru and fireworks

Diwali (Deepavalli) is here, the Festival of Lights celebrated by approximately a million Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across India and the Diaspora. Part of the ancient tradition has been the setting-off of fireworks as is done in other secular traditions such as Guy Fawkes and New Years Eve. The issue of fireworks has become a political issue, ostensibly around noise and air pollution and the trauma it causes animals. Oddly enough, these complaints seem targeted mainly at Hindu festivals – and funniiy enough in India probably more than the diaspora. Fortunately ,our country has the foresight to make provision for multiple cultures. There is a compromise in terms of the times of day and week that one can set off firecrackers. Please do so with some sensitivity, although you should celebrate your heritage with pride. Politely point out to any …

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VOTE: Should SA Scrap Religious Public Holidays

diwali public holidays south africa

The fate of South African Public Holidays comes under review by the Department of Home Affairs based on recommendations of a report drafted from the South African Law Reform Commission to justify cancellation of Christmas & Easter or include Diwali, Eid & others. Read the full story here Tell what you think by voting on this poll here!  Should #Diwali #Eid be a #PublicHoliday in #SouthAfrica? — Naufal Khan (@naufalkhan) September 23, 2016

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