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Ripped And Ready! Fitness Tips With SRK

Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood men like John Abraham, Varun Dhawan and a host of others work out to keep their buff bodies in shape for their next movie.  Shah Rukh Khan is no different, well that was only when he had to start getting his body ripped for Om Shanti Om.  His fitness regime only composed of pull-ups, push-ups and the monkey until 2008. Every person is different hence why a workout routine is built according to your limits. Never attempt to copycat a routine, work with your trainer to achieve maximum output and results. In a recent interview with GQ India, Khan opened up as to how he maintains his chiselled look, some of these tips might be helpful and to consider with your trainer when you decide to transform. He has a gym set up in his house and works out there …

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