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Interview: Gay Indian seeks refuge at Cambridge

According to Balaji, one can be jailed in India for life for been gay. He states that according to Indian law, 'unnatural acts' are forbidden and punishable by an unlimited fine including life imprisonment. As a result of anti-gay and lesbian legislation and their rejection by the Indian community at large, gay and lesbian people are keeping their status and activities secretive.

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Homosexuality in small towns

I tried to find out more on this issue on the backdrop of a ‘gay marriage’ between two girls hailing from Harrayana. Journalism can be a very complex experience and I experienced it first hand in my first stint with ‘true journalism’. Getting a chance to interview a person who flaunts his sexuality openly over the internet was much tougher than I had imagined.

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Gay in India

When Raju Sharma's father discovered his son was gay he got a rope and hung Sharma, 23, by the ankles from the first floor balcony of their New Delhi flat, and threatened to kill any neighbor that tried to rescue him.

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Asian Same Sex Relationships

In India same-sex relationship and love is not an alien import but rather has existed in Indian society throughout the ages]. That ironically, it was homophobia that was an import from the 'West' rather than homosexuality.

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