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Reflections: Ela on Gandhi

The year 1906 was a significant year in the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a young lawyer, 37 years of age, in South Africa. He arrived in 1893 and his transformation began through a multitude of events culminating in some significant changes he decided to make to his life style. His first test was during the Bambatha uprising in 1906.

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Gauteng: Qawali evening with Shri Shahid Niazi

  The Indian Cultural Centre, Johannesburg Invites you to a “Mehfil” with the Qawwali Troupe from India Led by Shri Shahid Niazi. Date: Tuesday 22 May 2012 Time: 18hOO Venue: Indian Cultural Centre 8 Newport Road, Parkwood, Johannesburg RSVP:Tamara Tel: 011-447 3303/25 Email: Shri Shahid Niazi, was born in the district of Rampur in Uttar Pradesh in a wellknown family devoted to music. From his very childhood, was conscious about Qawwali Music. Shri Shahid Niazi has been singing for All India Radio (Akashwani) Rampur. At regular intervals his Qawwali can be appreciated on AIR Rampur. He has given his performance in almost all the big cities of India. He has also performed on Doordeshan. She Niazi has also sung for the serial “Shabnam on 001. Shri Niazi exhibits extra ordinary talent in singing Qawaali, Nateea Kalam (Devotional Songs) Ghaals, traditional, Sufi and patriotic songs. He never forgets to send a message of harmony and brotherhood through …

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Indian Dance

The Natya Shastra was created in the beginning of Treta Yug by Brahma on the request of Indra and other devas as an object of diversion (Kridaniyaka). As the lower castes (Shudras) were not entitled to listen to the four Vedas (Sama, Yajur, Rig and Atharav), Brahma created the Natya Shastra as the fifth Veda which was open to all, irrespective of caste and creed.

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Abida Parveen, Nusrat’s living legend


This is a more reflective music than the joyous abandon of Qawwali; tabla and dholak provide the shifting, cyclical heartbeats that underpin Parveen's song, shadowed by harmonium and bansuri flute. Parveen's gloriously honeyed voice is a warm, agile instrument, suffused with sadness and joy, strength and fragility in equal measure.

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