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HIV patients soon to be offered a once-a-month injection

hiv vaccine

Share HIV patients could soon be offered a long lasting injection to control the killer virus and keep AIDS at bay. The results from the landmark trial show that a monthly injection is as effective as the daily cocktail of ART medication that parents have to currently take. Experts claim replacing the daily regimen of three or more antiretroviral (ART) pills with a jab will improve compliance. The Phase III trial, conducted for over a year, was the final hurdle faced before treatments can be licensed. The tests were carried out by an Irish drug firm and involved HIV patients from 13 countries. Nearly 37 million adults and children across the world have HIV. The virus progressively damages the cells in the immune system, weakening the body’s ability to fight infections. Left untreated, this leads to AIDS – the collective …

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This is not an invitation to RAPE me

Women are blamed particularly if they have been drinking before being raped, if they dress in a manner deemed to be ‘provocative’, or if they have engaged in some level of intimacy with their attacker before an assault. Women who suffer rape in the context of a marriage or other intimate partnership are also seriously disadvantaged by public attitudes, which often support the view that by entering into this marriage or relationship, they have somehow given up their right to refuse consent to sex.

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SOS Children’s Villages brings the WOW factor to SA

Every 2.2 seconds, a child loses a parent due to war, poverty, natural disaster, disease, AIDS and other such causes! In recognition of World Orphan Week (WOW) which extends from 8 to 14 February 2010 this year, SOS is appealing to you as a powerful influencer to spread the wow about WOW week on this worthy cause! All the public has to do is pick a day during WOW week to wear something WOW and make a small donation of R5.00 that will make a big difference to the orphans of SOS Children’s Villages South Africa. Whether you choose to wear feathers in your hair, loud ties, don a funky hat as your WOW factor, SOS Children’s Villages South Africa appreciates your effort. There are more ideas on the press release below on how to join in the by supporting this worthy cause as a corporate.

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