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Pak PM Imran Khan resigns, country elects new PM amidst economic worries 🇵🇰


Economists have warned that rising inflation would pose a major challenge for Pakistan’s incoming government and it would have to reverse so-called relief measures announced by the Imran Khan government. Dr Abid Qaiyum Suleri, Executive Director at Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) noted that it would be hard for the incoming government for taking stringent measures because they had come into power after doing the “Manghai Makao March”. Dr Aqdas Afzal, Professor of Economics at Habib University, Karachi, said that the economy was in a precarious situation because the current account deficit rose sharply and it might touch USD 21 billion, the highest ever in the country’s history, reported The News International. The Professor pointed out that the major challenge would be the account deficit for the economy. He added that the new regime would have to convince the International …

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Violent protests in Pakistan as PM Imran Khan plays the reverse-sweep on his decision

pakistan protest

Just days after banning the TLP party and locking up their leader, Imran Khan changed his mind as the party and its supporters created violence to force him to cave into the radicals. It is now likely that he will expel the French Ambassador and severe economic ties with the European powerhouse. The reason given for the violence was that French President Emmanual Macron defended the right of publications to republish cartoons of religious figures, in this case Mohammed. This was the reason given for the terrorist slaughter of Charlie Hebdo staff in France in 2015. In a range of related attacks, policemen, innocent civilians and Jews were singled out for murder, with a few hundred being killed in France and random European countries. France has required its citizens to leave France and take extra precautions. Giving in to the …

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