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Books: Life of a gay man Mohana Swamy releases in Spanish

Harper Collins has published the Spanish translation of Mohana Swamy, an account of life as a gay man in small-town Karnataka. Spanish is the official language in 20 countries, besides being the second most widely spoken language in the US. “Many people tell me it is the first Kannada book to be translated into Spanish,” Vasudhendra says. The corpus of gay literature in Europe is huge. The LGBT community in those parts is curious to know how gay life is perceived in India, he says. The book first published in 2013, Mohana Swamy has gone into five reprints in Kannada. Its English translation by Rashmi Terdal appeared a little later. “It is also being translated into Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Mohana Swamy was received well in Kannada, with girls and women identifying with the character of Mohana Swamy,” Vasudhendra, who …

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