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@LotusFM: Top Tamil 30

Tamil Song of the Year

LotusFM's South Indian music show will be broadcasting live from the Chatsworth Stadium presenting the IMTC (International Movement for Tamil Culture) Top 30 Tamil Hits with a grand prize for the number 1 song.

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3SIXTY Degree Liquid Lounge, Montecasino

3SIXTY Degree Liquid Lounge

This was the glitzy affair at 3SIXTY Degree Liquid Lounge as I swanked the Zoolander look for their launch. Introducing their finest yet that is destined to become one of Gauteng's hottest must-be-seen-at venues! A stunning 3SIXTY degree bar and gastronomical delights by Chef Rylan Ramsamy. Read more here!

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Sriyah, Nrityagram Dance Ensemble


Sriyah, performed by the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, one of the ten foremost dance companies of the world, comprises the Artistic Director/Choreographer and dancer Surupa Sen, with dancers Pavithra Reddy and Bijayini Satpathy and four musicians: Sanjib Kunda on Violin, Parshuram Das on Flute, Sibasankar Satapathy - Mardala (percussion) and singer Jateen Sahu.

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