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Purattasi Viratham


Amongst South African Tamils this festival is the most important one dedicated to lord VISHNU who takes on the form of lord PERUMAL.It is observed in the Tamil month of of PURATASSI (September 17th to October 17th). During this month devotees observe a very strict month long fast (viratham)-abstaining from non-vegetarian meals and alcohol and offering special prayers to lord VISHNU on a Saturday which is considered auspicious to Lord Vishnu.

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South African Indian dance choreographer Jayespree Moopen is taking Indian classical dance to bold new levels. Her distinct style has come full circle in the dance performance Tribhangi – an afro-indo dance/music spectacular which leaves you thrilled from start to finish, resulting in a new genre of dance blended with true African rhythm which defies all categorization of bastardised art. Moopen’s departure from the classical to the contemporary is innovative and daring, and is paving the way for a new a generation of choreographers and dancers.

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