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Love bites: how to nibble according to the Kama Sutra ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ’‹

chilli lips

The Kama Sutra explains about leaving marks of affection on your loved one to remind them of you. It even encourages women to leave bite and nail marks on their lovers, and gives suggestions of how to do these and, more importantly, where to do them. Back in the day, over 1500 years ago, it was well-shaped teeth that was your effective your bed license. A young man would be sent to courtesans to learn 64 arts of love. One of which was the art of love bites. Love bites were meant to be visible. Such was the prestige of this art, that those lacking skill or with chipped, overlapping, or protruding teeth would practise self-restraint lest they expose themselves and their partner to ridicule and dishonour. The Kama Sutra gives a detailed account of the different regions where love …

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