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Supermodel & actor, Kiran Rai is yet to add his touch of magic to Bollywood!

Kiran Rai

Twenty-six year old Rai, who hails from Nottingham, London was just an aspirant lad with dreams of rolling in the entertainment industry. After standing outside Waterloo station for a month, a 23-year-old prospective actor managed to raise a significant £15,000 from the people who ‘threw money’ at him whilst he held a sign saying ‘please support me’ In the early days of his  career in the entertainment industry, he has already taken the IFA award in Mumbai for “Foreign artist of the year” is currently in South Africa as part of his world tour sponsored by DMS and Ralph Pereira, the founder of Social Box. In a short span of time, Rai has hosted 80 shows including 22 major sports events including Wimbledon; Formula-1 awhile not debuting a single movie out shows determination. He is the brand ambassador for Social …

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