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The spiritual significance of Marigold flowers

Marigold: photo by maryna from StockSnap

Marigolds are very popular in Indian life, weddings and festivities because they represent the sun, symbolising brightness and positive energy. Both yellow and orange marigolds are heavily used in traditional Indian wedding décor. The spiritual significance of Marigold flowers is found mostly in Hinduism but Christianity as well. Customs and traditions ‘Torana’ means gateway in Sanskrit (तोरण – and is cognate with ‘door’ and ‘tor’ in European languages).A garland made of Mango and Marigold is used a torana in Hindu homes. The garland hangs over the threshold. This garland is changed on every festive occasion. One strong reason for the use of the flower as a torana is that it has protective properties – has a piercing odour that keeps pests at bay (these properites have now been well documented by researchers) . So it is particularly useful in the …

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