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A supportive partner reduces the shitty feelings of depression


Having a responsive and supportive partner minimises the negative impacts of an individual’s depression or external stress on their romantic relationship, according to a new research. The findings of the study were published in the journal ‘Social Psychological and Personality Science’. The research was led by a University of Massachusetts Amherst social psychologist. Paula Pietromonaco, professor emerita of psychological and brain sciences, drew on data from her Growth in Early Marriage project (GEM) to investigate what she had discovered was an understudied question.“I was really surprised that although there’s a ton of work out there on depression, there was very little in the literature looking at the kinds of behavior that partners could do that would buffer the detrimental effects of depression,” said Pietromonaco, whose co-authors are Nickola Overall, professor of psychology at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, …

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How India Perceives Mental Health

The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLLF) which was created by Deepika Padukone in 2015 to champion the cause of mental health in India covered the response of more than 3500 subjects across eight Indian cities and was published recently. 

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