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Carnatic Concerts: Gold Coin Series

THE GOLD COIN SERIES A monthly Carnatic concert for the Connoisseur FEATURING A VIOLIN RECITAL BY KESAVAN “LEO” MANIKAM Accompanied by KARTHIEGASEN PILLAY (MRIDANGAM), MAGENDRAN BALAKISTEN (KANJEERA) ~ SIVANANDHAN, NEVILLE MOODLEY (MORSING) and KIRTHAN PILLAY (THABLA) & A VOCAL RECITAL BY SHRI PATRICK NGCOBO Accompanied by RYAN CHINSAMY (MRIDANGAM)and KESAVAN MANIKAM (VIOLIN) On TUESDAY – 01 MAY 2012 At 14h00 VENUE – KAMPARA CONFERENCE CENTRE – 490 CLARE ROAD ADMISSION – FREE We invite rasikas and patrons to offer their blessings of dhakshina towards the event as no event runs without costs! Your contributions are highly appreciated!

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