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Symbolism of the Vel, the weapon of Lord Murugan

Lord Murugan

Lord Murugan, the God who is also known as Subramanya, Kartikeya, Shanmuga, Swaminathan and Skanda, has as his weapon the Vel (spear). The Vel has real as well as symbolic powers. The Vel was handed over to Muruga by his mother Ma Parvati. It was with this spear that he defeated the Asura (demon) Surapadman. One of the most popular songs associated with Sr î Muruga is Vel Vel Shakti Vel! It is believed that the Vel is Shakti Incarnate. It contains all the powers of Mother Goddess Maha Shakti. The spear of Lord Murugan is treated with reverence, and in many temples, the Vel is worshiped with as much fervour as the murti of Subrahmanya Popular belief says that daily worship of the Vel will help redemption of sins. It will also help overcome fear of death. Murugan Vel …

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Lord Muruga Conference 2015, SA

Thaipusam Kavady

The organisers of the Lord Muruga Conference of South Africa take pleasure in inviting you and your esteemed membership to an inaugural national conference which takes place as follows:-

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