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Today Is World Hijab Day

world hijab day

Campaigners behind World Hijab Day (February 1) are urging non-Muslims to wear the Islamic headscarf to show solidarity and help fight ‘bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice’. ‘Kicked and spat at for wearing the hijab’ “I had no idea a piece of fabric on my head would cause me so much pain for the next seven years,” said Nazma Khan, a Bangladeshi immigrant to New York whose bullying for wearing the hijab inspired her to start the annual awareness day. “I was discriminated against both verbally and physically. I was called names such as Batman and ninja. At one point students literally kicked and spat at me both inside and outside the school.” Explainer: know your hijab from your niqab Hijab A common form of headscarf worn by Muslim women that covers the head and neck but leaves the face clear. Niqab …

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