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Reflections: Ela on Gandhi

The year 1906 was a significant year in the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a young lawyer, 37 years of age, in South Africa. He arrived in 1893 and his transformation began through a multitude of events culminating in some significant changes he decided to make to his life style. His first test was during the Bambatha uprising in 1906.

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Yoga Rave 2011, elevation of the SPIRIT!

art of living yoga meditation rave

YOGA-RAVE is The Art of Living Foundation`s worldwide initiative to promote non-violence and a stress free society, through a creative, uplifting and energizing way. YOGA-RAVE is a new interactive, dynamic entertainment experience, free from alcohol, smoking and drugs. Elements of yoga, meditation and live riveting rave mantras create an evening of `fun` of a different sort. YOGA-RAVE, the perfect blend between sound and silence, movement and stillness. Time: 28 May ยท 18:30 – 23:00 Location: Kyalami Country Club, 433 Maple Road Kyalami, South Africa Created by: Yoga Rave – South Africa (AOL/IAHV), Sanjay Mithal More info Book Now at Computicket, Finger foods and non-alcoholic cash bar. Dress Funky and trendy, comfortable for yoga, meditation and dance  

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