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Auditions: Nadanam Dance Company

Bharata Natyam auditions at Nadanam Dance Company It does not matter which dance school you are coming from, or going to currently with in the future. An opportunity for one to gain and expand knowledge, practice and further exceed the performance aspects of your dance journey.

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Sriyah, Nrityagram Dance Ensemble


Sriyah, performed by the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, one of the ten foremost dance companies of the world, comprises the Artistic Director/Choreographer and dancer Surupa Sen, with dancers Pavithra Reddy and Bijayini Satpathy and four musicians: Sanjib Kunda on Violin, Parshuram Das on Flute, Sibasankar Satapathy - Mardala (percussion) and singer Jateen Sahu.

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The Dhananjayan’s

indian dance south africa

The Dhananjayans are an anomaly, a slice-of-life, quiet moment in the lives of 2 wonderfully interesting personalities, who share an art together and bring joy to their audience in doing so.

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