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Racist Kessie Nair calls South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa the K-word

ShareDurban: Ex-convict Kessie Nair, has committed online suicide by calling South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa the k-word in a Facebook video. A case has been opened against Nair of crimen injuria on Wednesday by an eThekwini councilor at the Bayview police station by former eThekwini councillor Brandon Pillay. According to reports, the former councillor is also planning to lodge a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission against Nair. Nair, who is also a former local councillor, is now an ex-convict who claims to also have links to the 26 prison gang after serving time in jail for corruption. ALSO READ: Kessie Nair ‘is clearly a sick person’, says Presidential spokesperson He posted the video demanding the president be charged. ALSO READ: #KessieNair is mentally unwell, family issue statement while a high level investigation underway by South African Police Service. click here …

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Annihilation of caste is essential for reconciliation

dalit strike

Share The Bharat bandh by the Dalit community came as a shock to me, as much as it did to many others, I am sure. I had expected some picketing and protests in a few cities. What I did not anticipate was the horrific violence. There is news of seven people having died in the violence. On the face of it, the bandh was just over the changes ordered by the Supreme Court in the SC/ST Act, but there was anger over many other issues that had been simmering below the surface.  Surge in Dalit Anger Since Modi Govt’s Rule For various reasons, this anger has only increased since the Modi government came to power. My personal belief is that the future of the Modi government will not be determined by the liberals or the Muslims. The future of RSS and the Modi government …

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