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UPDATED: Ramadan playlist: spiritual music and poetry

ramadan 2015

Music can be a source of sustaining resolve and spiritual power. As these singers show, in song you can express profound feelings that words are not adequate for. You are likely to be around those fasting so its not recommended to impose your music on anyone. We’ve chosen a ramadan playlist of Indian, Sufi, Urdu and Turkish songs. Playlist Let it play, or click the menu (top right) to select the actual videos and songs. Rumi poem O moon-faced Beloved,the month of Ramadan has arrived.Cover the tableand open the path of praise. O fickle busybody,it’s time to change your ways.Can you see the one who’s selling the halvah—how long will it be the halvah you desire? Just a glimpse of the halvah-makerhas made you so sweet even honey says,“I’ll put myself beneath your feet, like soil;I’ll worship at your …

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5 hacks to stay strong while fasting during Ramadan


The month of Ramadan will soon be commencing with a spiritual zeal spread among Muslms For them it’s the time of giving to others and trying to be humble in their needs and desires, sometimes fasting during the month can take a toll on one’s body. Below we have tips to stay fit during Ramadan. One may struggle during the initial phase of fasting before the body gets used to the daily routine. With all the changes to the eating and sleeping habits. Staying fit during Ramadan in hot weather can prove to be a task, and even harder for those who adhere to the month-long fast. Some people might engage in planning way ahead in order to stay healthy and hassle-free during this holy fast. One doesn’t have to choose between their physical health and religious observances, you can …

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