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Ram Navami 2021 – ATTEND ONLINE: playlist, watchlist, recipe list 🏹

Ram, Sita, Lakshmana

Update: Lamp lighting ceremony Wednesday morning – World Hindu Federation SA Chinmaya Mission will stream online; See our explainer on this special day, the culmination of the Chaitra Navratri and the Ramayana week. We’ve put together a Ram Navami playlist, watchlist of films and videos and recipes to get you in the mood and the spirit of Rama. Ram Navami celebrations in Ayodhya, the place of his birth, are remarkable. On this day, Ayodhya is decked up with lights and devotees visit the temple but this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are restrictions in place. People come to Ayodhya from far and wide. They usually take a holy dip in the river Sarayu river before visiting the Ram temple. Ram Navami playlist of bhajans, songs Simply let the Ram Navami playlist run, or click the menu (three …

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How to celebrate Ram Navami this year?

Ram Navami

Rama Navami, or Ram Naumee, is the birthday of Sri Rama which has been celebrated for thousands of years. It will be held on 21 April, 2021, at the end of Chaitra Navratri – with the auspicious moment during the daytime hours. Rama and the Ramayana Rama (Raama, राम or ராமர்) is the perfect role model for our conduct – the Purushottama (पुरुषोत्तम). He shows us how to manage Kama (desire), Artha (wealth), Dharma (righteousness) and Moksha (liberation) through the course of his life story. Ravana, his opponent, has ten heads which symbolise his overwhelming ego and sense of entitlement – and conversely his death is celebrated at Dussehra. History He appeared in the Treta Yug, a considerable time before 1000BCE as the Ramayana was first written down after that period. History and scriptures had been orally transmitted before that. …

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VOTE: Should SA Scrap Religious Public Holidays

diwali public holidays south africa

The fate of South African Public Holidays comes under review by the Department of Home Affairs based on recommendations of a report drafted from the South African Law Reform Commission to justify cancellation of Christmas & Easter or include Diwali, Eid & others. Read the full story here Tell what you think by voting on this poll here!  Should #Diwali #Eid be a #PublicHoliday in #SouthAfrica? — Naufal Khan (@naufalkhan) September 23, 2016

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