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Walk-in Vagina did not please some Hindu’s

walk in vagina kali

With Chitra Ganesh's exhibit of Mother Kali in her modernistic impression which I personally do not find offensive but a fresh take on Kali's presence in the current day and age, it also reminded me of Visual Artist, Reshma Chhiba of South Africa who was at the receiving end of immense criticism for her 'walk-in vagina' representative of the divine mother Goddess Kali.

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Shakti, The Feminine Force

bharata natyam

While the school specialises in classical dance the performers will use different styles of traditional folk, classical and contemporary movements. Shakti: the Feminine Force promises to be a vibrant and colourful performance with the hope of leaving its audience touched by divine energy. Please join us on 26 May 2012, 5:30pm sharp at the Gandhi Hall, Lenasia. Call 082 491 4376 for tickets; alternatively you can get them at the door.

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