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Shakila’s Waka Waka

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Shakila (No, this is not a typo) is performing Waka Waka (Tamil Version) at the opening ceremony of World Tamil Conference. There are rumours that she has trimmed down to match Shakira's agility and learnt quite a few dance moves. The lyrics, however, has been leaked all over the interwebs. Here is how it goes:Saminathanaee hae hae, Okka Makka hae hae. And we bet the Vuvuzelas are being replaced by Nadaswarams

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This is not an invitation to RAPE me

Women are blamed particularly if they have been drinking before being raped, if they dress in a manner deemed to be ‘provocative’, or if they have engaged in some level of intimacy with their attacker before an assault. Women who suffer rape in the context of a marriage or other intimate partnership are also seriously disadvantaged by public attitudes, which often support the view that by entering into this marriage or relationship, they have somehow given up their right to refuse consent to sex.

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