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Pooja Bhatt Opens Up on Her Battle With Alcohol Abuse

pooja bhatt drug abuse

Growing up in an Anglo-Indian environment, drinking wine and beer has been very normal for Pooja Bhatt. She has been drinking since she was 16, but now at 45, she realised that’s it’s time for her to pull the plug and say no to it. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Pooja Bhatt opened up about her battle with alcohol addiction. Best Reason to Quit! A chat with her dad, Mahesh Bhatt lead her to take this decision. Pooja Bhatt decided to quit after this chat with her father.  The Ugly Truth Pooja quit alcohol on 24 December 2016 and since then she hasn’t touched it. Next Time You Open A Bottle Remember This It was Time to Unplug At 45, Pooja takes control of her life and said no to alcohol. Back to Reality The film Daddy showed how …

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