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What Sureshnie Rieder did next

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Sureshnie Rieder, who left 5fm and the Roger Goode show at the end of March 2021, announced her new job at media company Primedia on Facebook. SABC underwent a slew of retrenchments and voluntary resignations this year, at one stage shedding over 600 jobs. Her leaving statement began: 5fm has been both my ONE DAY and DAY ONE!.Sureshnie Rieder – March 2021 And in a reference to her leaving statement, she announced her new start: And this is where I begin my new Day One I’m a Creative Solutions Strategist at Primedia Broadcasting:) The homes of 947, 702, EWN, Cape Talk and KFM! I’m so beyond excited to be part of this media space and here’s to excellent memories New Beginnings and New AdventuresSURESHNIE RIEDER – MAy 2021 Primedia is a large media house, the home of 702, Eyewitness News, …

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