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IS targets Mozambique to re-establish its power; Durban fire-arm case withdrawn


After humiliating defeats in the Middle East, the Islamic State is trying to establish itself in Mozambique where the government’s corruption and ineptitude can give it an advantage. Meanwhile, as it is widely known that ISIS fanboys keep caches of cheap weapons in KZN it comes as a surprise that the courts dismissed an open and shut case of illegal firearm possession. Some of these heroes who stumble around the hills of Northern Natal on weekends in their Mr Price camo pants may end up being a menace to the public. Kelly Alkhouli, a political consultant and the Director of International Relations at the Center of Political and Foreign Affairs (CPFA) writing in The Hill expressed the view that at this stage, the group remains a mere shadow of the threat it once cast, but the Mozambique government’s petty corruption …

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Terror Group IS planning on attacking KZN after Mozambique: FBI

Top South African investigators are working with the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after a security concern that the international terrorist group, Islamic State (IS), might be planning some co-ordinated attacks on the country. When the Islamic State moves into a territory, they conduct a reign of terror that includes indiscriminate killing of their enemies. As was seen in Syria, Christians are targeted for execution followed by minority religions like the Yazidi (related to Hinduism) and even Islamic offshoots eg Shia, Alawite, Druze. Forced conversion or payment of a special tax and limited rights is the only protection from sadistic execution. They throw gay or bisexual men from tall structures to their deaths, stone women who don’t conform, perform female genital mutilation, marry Islamic girls to their soldiers and sheikhs and treat younger non-muslims as sex slaves, and capture …

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