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KZN Riots talking points: No third force, but disarming citizens is moronic

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In this crisis we can see how information and emotion outstrips any rational analysis. Much fake news was spread, mostly not malicious, as citizens needed information about what shops where open, which areas were under attack and how their communities were faring. Its still early days, and we are not in possession of all the facts, but we feel we should be talking and thinking about the following: 1. Third Force Many commentators are saying that these riots have been orchestrated and its part of a larger plot to take over the country or to ensure that those that profit from Corruption keep their noses at the trough. Those in government, police and SANDF say they didn’t have the Intel about what was going down. Please. This is not 9-11 and Weapons of Mass Destruction. The main reason Conspiracy Theories …

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Communities in KZN, Gauteng prepare and urge citizens to get involved

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The past few days of rioting in KZN, which was limited to Estcourt and Mooi River, on Monday spread to PMB, Durban and parts of Gauteng. To date, 12 July, there has been a recent announcement of the deployment of the SANDF but rioting is continued unabated. Communities have stood up to self-organise in the absence of government and police leadership. Community leaders are appealing for: Awareness – residents must be aware this is serious. Anything that looks untoward, call it in. Dont go somewhere unnecessary, make sure you know where friends and family are at all timesCool heads – do not provoke any violence. Walk away where you can. Think before you act. Calm the young and the hot-headed as they need guidance at this timeRepresentation – the strong must step up, this usually means the men who need …

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